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Accent Eyewear
Lance Anderson, OD


Accent Eyewear
Lance Anderson, OD

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Number of locations: 1
Region: Oregon
Year acquired: 2019

Interior photo of Accent Eyewear in Oregon with a waiting area and colorful rug in front of eyeglass display shelves
Eyeglass frames line the wall at Accent Eyewear in Oregon
Headshot for Lance Anderson, Visionary Partners

Lance Anderson, OD

Why were you interested in selling your practice?
This was part of a planned exit strategy. It was important for me to find a buyer who would maintain the culture and identity of the business I started 27 years ago.


What were your practice challenges and pain points prior to selling your practice?
Keeping up with HR requirements and regulations and the overall stress of managing a large staff of employees.


Why did you choose to work with Visionary Partners?
I liked that they are very professional yet very personable. There was a higher level of trust with Visionary Partners than there was with the other consolidators that I spoke with.

“I can now focus 100% of my attention and energy to providing top notch patient care with the peace of mind of knowing that I have retirement money in the bank and a more secure and certain future.”

— Dr. Lance Anderson

How has Visionary Partners addressed and improved the practice challenges and pain points and/or brought other value to the practice?
The Visionary Partners HR team has been amazing. My staff now has an even better employee benefits package than they had before the sale. I like the well-organized team approach to staff management that Visionary Partners has delivered thus far.

At this time, how would you summarize the overall impact Visionary Partners has had on your practice for the better?
By providing tools for the practice to allow independent eye care providers to better compete for eyeglass and contact lens sales in today’s marketplace. Also by not changing the established name of my practice or making wholesale changes to the practice culture that was established by the original owner.

I can’t imagine keeping up with the HR demands and staff management challenges without Visionary Partners. Staffing and coverage has been seamless. Staff training and development has seen a noticeable improvement. Employee benefits are improved and we’ve had great service from the HR team. 

Photo of the interior of Accent Eyewear in Oregon with a waiting area and eyeglass frames
The front desk receptionist smiles from behind the counter at Accent Eyewear in Oregon