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ClearVision Eye Centers
Ronald Dutton, OD


ClearVision Eye Centers
Ronald Dutton, OD

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Number of locations: 8
Region: Nevada
Year acquired: 2018

Retail area inside the ClearVision Pahrump optometry practice
Headshot for Dr Ronald Dutton, OD
Exterior photo of the ClearVision optometry practice in Pahrump, NV

Ronald Dutton, OD

I sold my Pahrump practice to Visionary Partners in 2018. I had previously sold them two Las Vegas practices several years before that. I did these sales with the anticipation of retirement, and it made sense to me to do the sales several years before my anticipated retirement date to avoid any time-based pressure to sell. I have known the key players in Visionary Partners for a number of years and knew that I would be dealing with high-quality, honest people.

One of the cornerstones of my many years of optometric practice has been a true concern for and love of the staff that has supported me throughout my career. Knowing that the core values of Visionary Partners include respect of staff and staff development was a big factor in my being comfortable selling to them. I had health insurance and retirement plan benefits in place before I sold the practice, but now these have been improved and expanded.

The practice has benefited greatly since the sale because all of our systems including recall, patient confirmation, and practice metrics have been improved.

“I personally have been very gratified by the way VP has treated me with respect and fairness before, during, and after the sale.”

— Ronald Dutton, OD