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Pritchett Eye Care Associates
Evan Pritchett, OD


Pritchett Eye Care Associates
Evan Pritchett, OD

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Number of Locations: 10
Region: Nevada
Year acquired: 2016

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An eyecare patient smiles while trying on new eyeglass frames at Pritchett Eye Care Associates

Evan Pritchett, OD

Why were you interested in selling your practice?

I was interested in teaming up with a business partner to create an alternative to what was currently available in the market with regards to practice ownership and consolidation. Visionary Partners was created to partner vs acquire a selling doctor’s practice.

What were your practice challenges and pain points prior to selling your practice?
Recruiting, managing employees, and staff training and development.

Why did you choose to work with Visionary Partners?
As the first practice acquisition of Visionary Partners, I was able to help establish the framework to allow doctors to partner with someone who was interested in allowing him/her to continue to be a leader in the practice and be able to provide the same or higher level of care while reducing the administrative burdens that come with practice ownership.

“Visionary Partners was not founded on the idea of “rubber stamping” all practices to look the same. They allow the doctor to continue to do what has made him/her successful but take some of the administrative burdens away. This allows the partnering doctor to focus on patient care and being a leader in the practice.”

— Dr. Evan Pritchett

How has Visionary Partners addressed and improved the practice challenges and pain points and/or brought other value to the practice?
Visionary Partners has centralized HR, finance, and revenue cycle management. This frees the doctor and staff to focus on the patient care experience.

At this time, how would you summarize the overall impact Visionary Partners has had on your practice for the better?
Visionary Partners has allowed us to outsource some of the administrative burdens and concentrate on the patients and the patient experience. And, we now offer a richer and expanded benefit program. Partnering with Visionary Partners allowed us to grow our footprint without sacrificing the level of care we provide to our patients. 

Visionary Partners is different from traditional consolidators because they partner rather than “buy and take over” the practice.

Sunglass and eyeglass frames on display at Pritchett Eye Care Associates
An optometry patient gets her eyes checked at Pritchett Eye Care Associates